June 27, 2008

Do You Feel Busy???

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Do you ever feel really busy? I've been thinking today about how busy I feel lately. A friend recently said "May is the new December" and we all agreed. However, June is pretty busy in itself. I was thinking how easily it is to get caught up in all the things of life and lose control of our time and priorities .

I was telling one of my closest friends last week. I feel spiritually drained. I have a lot going on. All good things. All things that are good Christian things to do. Things that are good for me and things that allow me to help others. Lots of great stuff.... but I feel drained. Do you know why? All of these things compiled together are keeping me from quiet time with my Savior. I get so busy doing "stuff" that when I have time to sit down and rest.... I sit there feeling like I should still be doing something else. I have forgotten how to just be still before my Savior.

Do you ever feel the same way? You are busy doing good things. You work hard, you do things for your church, you do things for your family, you do things for your friends. Maybe, you even do things for others in the community. All good and enjoyable things. Yet you feel tired and drained?

Are any of you like me... you are so busy doing all the right and important things.....that you are missing doing the most important thing? Are you spending enough time alone with your Savior? Are you seeking him more importantly than any of the other stuff you do?

My friends, it is so easy to get so caught up in doing that we quit just "being". We were made to "be" in his presence. We were made to seek him and spend quiet time in his presence. There is nothing wrong with doing things for God, or our families, or our friends. There is even nothing wrong with being busy. However, when it keeps us from spending daily quiet time in the presence of our Lord and Savior....we may need to examine our priorities. We were made for him and by him. He seeks daily alone time with us. We were made for his pleasure. We do not give him pleasure when we give all of our time to other matter how good. We are called to come into his presence daily and seek to know him on a very personal level. He seeks an intimate relationship with us. We need to spend time in the word. We need to spend time talking with him and sharing our heart. We need to spend time just being still before him in worship and adoration. Friends, we also need to just spend time listening to hear what he has to say to us.

If we don't get our time with him we cannot be all he called us to be. We cannot walk in our own strength and try to do all the things we all called to do. If we do can you guess what happens? We end up feeling spiritually drained. We end up weak and easily attacked by our adversary and by the world.

May we all take time this week to get into his presence. He is the renewer of of our hearts, minds and spirits.

I love you guys,