April 21, 2008

Be Ye .......Fishermen

Mom's Steinhatchee House

This last week Sandy and some the guys from church went down to my mom's house in Florida to go fishing. My mom has a little house in Steinhatchee, Florida. That is pronounced Steenhatchee and if you say it any other way....the locals will stare at you and call you a tourist.

Last Wed, Sandy, Brad, Eric, Kurt, and Keith plus two friends of Eric's... Todd and Bobby headed off to Florida. They arrived late and found cold weather there to greet them. In all the years my mom has owned this house I don't think we have met up with cold weather....tormenting breath taking hotter than blazes heat....yes, but never cold. They had temperatures of 36 degrees on Wed night. I heard Kurt the lumberjack slept on the porch outside and about froze.

On Thursday, most of the guys went grocery shopping. They found a truckload sale on meat at Mason's...the local grocery. They bought a 20 pound rib eye roast...a slab of meat fit for a King. They grilled out Friday night.... a slab of meat and a few veggies on the side for decoration.
Slab O'Meat
Eric and Bobby slicing veggies

Friday was the big fishing day. They had two charters. One was with Captain Pat...the usual family fishing guide. Sandy, Keith, Kurt and Brad went on his boat. The other guys...Eric, Todd, and Bobby went with Captain Steve. They had a great time and caught 115 pounds of fish between the two boats. They caught trout, red fish, flounder, mackerel, lizard fish, pin fish, blue fish, a stingray, and a shark. There is a huge variety of fish in the Steinhatchee river and lot of good fishin' .
The Boys....Brad, Sandy, Kurt, and Captain Pat
Keith, Kurt, Brad and Captain Pat
Keith, Kurt, and Captain Pat

The Combined Catch
Pile O'Fish

Friday night they were to tired to cook out the fish so some of the guys headed to Roy's...a local seafood joint. They had a great meal and then headed back to the house and crashed.

Saturday morning some of the guys headed home. Eric, Kurt, Bobby, and Todd left out about 6am heading home. Sandy, Keith, and Brad stayed over until Sunday morning before heading home. They did a little of the local sight seeing and went to see Steinhatchee Falls (more like a two foot drop in the river than a falls) and Keaton Beach (Panama City it ain't...) and then they cooked out fish on Saturday night.
Steinhatchee Falls
Keaton Beach
Remnants of Easter on Keaton Beach
This Hot Dog Stand on Keaton Beach
was listed for sale for $1,000,000 last time
we were there.

The guys had a great time of brotherhood and bonding. They are already making plans for next year.

Anyone want to check out Steinhatchee? It's a great place to go and hang out and let your soul catch up with you.