July 22, 2008


Did you miss me???

It has been a while since I've written. As my last post stated....I'm busy. The last few weeks have been crazy. However I'm finishing up some projects and am looking forward to slowing down and getting some rest.

This post is going to be what my Pastor calls...Hodge-Podge. That means you talk about one thing and then put a period there and change directions.

Hold goes.

The 4th of July we were lazy. We slept late, went to the pool, and watched the fireworks sitting in the car on the by-pass.

On the 8th-10th of July, we went on a trip to Texas with 18 other people from our church. We went to a called conference to vote down a change in our EMC denomination. Our Southern District showed up in mass and our votes prevented the changes from being approved. Well...our votes and God's mighty help.

It took us 20 hours to get to Texas on a chartered bus (or coach as Lynn told us) and 18 hours to get back. We talked, laughed, played games, read, watched movies, ate and ate some more, slept (very little), plotted our attack, and whined (just a little). It was fun but also extremely tiring.....let me emphasize the word tiring. We spent two full nights on the bus.... We were mighty warriors for our church and our denomination and our Pastor. I felt really proud of us. Our votes prevented the changes to our denomination and they also provided the way for our Pastor Dewey to be appointed as our District Superintendent. In the was worth all the effort. Just don't ever ask me to go on a bus ride to Texas time I'm catching a plane....

Beth sleeping on the bus

Jo visiting with Jeanne

All smiles

Talking business

Our Leaders - Dewey and Laurens

Dewey and Jo snuggling

Talking Strategy

Leaving for the conference

Our Chariot

Arriving home after an all night bus ride

The 17th-20th of July, I worked at the women's Tres Dias weekend #30. It was an awesome weekend and I saw many lives get completely transformed. I got to work a job that involved of my favorite things to do. It was a tiring weekend and I got very little sleep, however, I was humbled to get to be there and God blessed me greatly. Thank you God for once again showing me truth about your grace and the power of your love.

During this month, I've also been attending a bible study with some girls at my church. We are doing Kelly Minter's book "No Other Gods". It has been great. It is about all of the other things (or people) in our lives that we put before our time with God. It has really struck home with all of us. We did a video as part of a memorization tactic and we ended up getting posted on Beth Moores blog. Which was pretty cool. You can check us out at Just look for the EMC siestas video. It's a riot!!! (Check the July 11th post to see us).

There is one other big thing to come this month. This Sunday, July 27th is our Pastor Dewey's last Sunday as our Pastor. It is not a day that I am looking forward to. However, I do believe God has big changes in store for all of us and I trust him with the future of our church and the future of Dewey and Jo. This is a season of change for all of us. Dewey and Jo have been our leaders for 16 years. Dewey has stepped down as our Pastor to take the District Superintendent job for our Southern District. More about all of later. For now, let me just say, Dewey and Jo....I love you both dearly. You both hold a huge place in my heart. May this Sunday bring you many pleasant memories and a overwhelming sense of how much we all love you.

Oh, one more thing....check out Nipper's new buzz cut.
Isn't he cute?

What did you say ?

They left his tail fluffy...

Now that's what you call a hodge-podge.