May 9, 2008

Mom's The Word......

My Beautiful Mother

I've been thinking about Mother's Day coming up this Sunday....and in turn I've been thinking about my Mother.

My mother is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. She never meets a stranger..and you will never meet her without wanting to be her friend. She is the life of any party and brightens up any room that she enters. She can make me laugh until my sides hurt and I love listening to (and being a part of) her crazy antics. She also has one of the most tender hearts of anyone I have ever met. She is always taking care of the underdog....even beyond taking care of herself. She sees the good in people and believes everyone deserves a second chance.

I was thinking about growing up with mom. For a long time it was just me and mom and our dog Puddy living together. We did not always agree on the way that things should be. We are much alike and tend to stand our ground when we think we are right. To say that we are both stubborn is a huge understatement (sorry mom....). However, we did a lot of growing up and experienced a lot of wonderful and crazy things together. I look back now and laugh at all the crazy things we have done. My mom was always (and still is) a willing party to anything fun (picture my mom riding the Mindbender at Six Flags, or riding on a luggage cart in a fancy hotel while me and a friend ran down the hall pulling it, or her and her friend Bonnie talking my way into Thunderbirds in PCB when I was just 16, or driving to Florida in a convertible with the top down, or riding in the back of a hearse with her girlfriends on her birthday (don't ask), or taking me to a male review on my 21st birthday (it was innocent but embarrassed me to death), I could just go on and on and on. She is a lot of fun. We have bonded deeply over the years. We have been through a lot together. No matter what, I always knew that my mom had my back and would always take care of me. She always did and she still does.

I have learned a lot from my mom over the years. She is a very independent and strong woman. She has been very successful in her professional life. She has won enough awards to cover all the walls in her office....including the Harry S. Sutton award which is one of the biggest in her insurance profession. She is involved in the community including many local clubs like.. The League of Women Voters, Business and Professional Women, and the Red Hatters. She has been the President in all of these. My mother gives of herself and she makes a huge difference in the world around her.

More and more I see my mom in the way I do and think about things....and it makes me laugh...because I think that's just fine.

Here are a few things my mom taught me:

Have a strong faith in God...he is able
Love your family
Be a loyal friend
Give of yourself
Love and be kind to animals
Take time to laugh and be silly
Appreciate beauty in the world around you
Travel and see the world. She is the reason I have such a great love for the beach.
Take risk when necessary
Stand strong in adversity
Life is short....Eat dessert first
Believe in miracles
Be strong and independent
Make a difference
Always be Thankful
Be a good listener
Take time for yourself
Take time to play
Love with all your heart

I could go on and on....but let that suffice as I say....I love you mom!!! I'm so proud to call you my mom and I'm very thankful for you.

Happy Mothers Day!!!


Me and Mom - May 2007- Pippin Girls Trip
Mom and Me - Dollywood- Christmas 2005
The Whole Family - October 2005 - Mom's 65th Birthday