April 8, 2008

A Little Child Will Lead Them....

Pastor Dewey and Danielle Greear

This past Sunday we celebrated baptism at our church. What a blessing that was to me. We had one baby to be dedicated and four young children to be baptised. What a joy to watch that was. I noticed immediately how happy these kids were while they were waiting to be baptised....they were was written across every single face. Isn't that incredible? At such a young age they already know the Lord and are now sealed forever in his kingdom. Pastor Dewey mentioned that every single one of these children came to Christ with their parents. I think that it's such a wonderful thing that when making the most important decision of their young lives these children were able to share that with their parents. It is a memory that forever will be written across their hearts.

Here are a few pictures of "our" kids. They are all ours aren't they? These are our people and we are a family. We have a beautiful family don't we?

Abigail Jones

Sealed for Life

Isaac Renegar

Sealed for Life

Bryce Farmer

Sealed for Life

Ian Renegar

Sealed for Life

These are our brothers and sister in Christ. Don't they make a beautiful addition to God's family?

We are greatly blessed. Thanks be to God!