November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Nipper And Happy Fall Y'all

Nipper's 11th Birthday

Well, I finally decided to come back an revisit my lonely blog. I would like to thank whoever got me hooked on FaceBook for the fact that my blog is getting ignored. FaceBook is addictive and if anyone asks you to join....shut your computer down and run away as quickly as you can.....Just kidding! I've been busy and not taken any time to write and I'm way behind on my updates. This blog is about Fall and Nipper's birthday. There are many more things to come soon .....I hope.
Have you been enjoying the fall this year? I have just been mesmerized by the foliage. It has been so beautiful that I have taken to keeping my camera in the car so I can take some pictures along the way. Everywhere I go I am just taken in by the beautiful colors. It makes me realize what a masterful artist our Heavenly Father is.
Here are a few photos of the fall colors in my neighborhood.

Our house in the sunlight
Isn't that pretty?
These maples are beautiful every year
Nipper in my birthday present...a new swing
Yesterday was Nipper's 11th birthday and I just want to say what all of you already know...I love my little guy with all my heart and I'm very thankful for him!!! He has had a rough year this past year and I am thankful that God allowed him to get better and allowed me keep him a while longer. I appreciate every single day!
Below are some pictures of Nipper with his new bone and toy. He was very excited. You can say to Nipper...I have a "present" for you and he gets so excited and starts jumping up and down. He knows exactly what that word means. (Could be cause he gets lots of presents....).
Can I bite this?
Tennis ball barbell....a good workout!
Nipper's new bone
Chewing away...
Look for a blog on my birthday beach trip in the near future.