September 12, 2009


I'm Blessed!

There is just no doubt in my mind that I am blessed beyond measure.

I've been thinking over the last few days that I have some of the most amazing friends a person could ever ask for. I struggle to even put into words how totally overwhelmed I am by the blessing that I receive every single day of my life by my incredible friends.

The thing is they are such a wide range of people and they cover a wide range of age groups and social status....and yet....they all fill a perfect niche in my life. Each and ever single one of you teach me the meaning of love, grace, truth, laughter, joy, peace, commitment, faithfulness, and I could just go on and on.

My friends are my rocks. They stand beside me when my world is full of peace and joy...and they stand beside me when my heart is broken beyond words. They love me in the laughter and they love me in the silence. They know my heart and I know theirs.

Recently, Sandy and I have been going through a difficult time in our life. Not anything that is an issue between he and I but something that is difficult that we are going through together. Our friends have just been amazing. The time and the prayers and the love they have poured into us has held us up when we could not stand on our own. Their love has and is helping us persevere in a way we could have never done without their strength.

I have just been amazed at the people God has sent to us to share our lives. Whether it be long time friends who have been in our lives for years or new friends who already hold deep and special places in our hearts... I am just amazed at the blessings God has bestowed upon our lives.

I have never been happier with the friends that share my life than I am at this time in my life. I am secure in knowing that whatever I face I will never walk alone. That is a blessing beyond description and a peace that can't be explained.

I just wanted to say I'm thankful for all of you. Each and every one of you make my heart happy and my life complete.

Thank you for your love and support and for all that you teach me each and every day.

I love you beyond words,