April 13, 2008

Hair Night for Tweens.....

We have this crazy ministry at our church called "Hair Night". Hair Night is a group of women who meet every month or so and hang out and eat and talk and laugh....and sometimes they even do each others hair. It is a sacred place where we meet together and share our hearts, our hurts, our joys, and all the aspects of our daily lives. We laugh and we share and enjoy the joys that true friendship and trust can bring. As Jo, our resident hair stylist, and Jeanne, our safe haven provider, have described it.... Hair Night is a safe place to share our hearts.

This past week we had "Hair Night" for Tweens. We invited some of the young teens to come to hair night. It was a great time of fun and laughter....lots of laughter. Katie and Candice spent the evening with us sharing their lives and getting our advise as "older women". We all had a great time. Now we know who all the cute boys are at Westside....and now they know in the long run that the boy with the good heart is better than the boy with the cute face....and if you happen to find both....well then you are greatly blessed. The girls got their nails and their toes done by Shana and Jo and Jeanne kept the hot water and the warm towels coming (for their feet and legs). Jo even entertained us with her fakeVietnamese chatter as she worked on their legs and feet. It was a great fun evening for all of us. Katie and Candice got to be completely spoiled and they also got to see that an older woman can be a great friend and a wonderful mentor.

Here are some of the pictures from our Hair Night for Tweens.

We all had a great time and I can't wait to do it again!!!