April 3, 2008

Girlfriends and Green Hair

I had the privilege last Friday night to go out with my reunion group girlfriends to celebrate March birthdays. We have seven girls in our group and four March was the perfect reason to go out and hang with the girls....not that we need an excuse to hang out....any reason at all will do... :---). It was a blast hanging out and laughing and of course eating lots and lots. And did I mention having chocolate molten cake since we just happened to be at Chili's? It was great fun and I really enjoyed being with the girls and catching up. Isn't it amazing what hanging out with your friends will do for your spirit? I came home happy and refreshed.

For those of you who don't know... a reunion group is an accountability group that meets to bear one another's burdens and to lift one another up. We formed this group after experiencing Tres Dias together but anyone can form their own group. You would be surprised what a difference it makes to know you have those people to turn to and share with in the hard times. It is also really fun to hang out with people that you trust with your whole heart. The laughter never seems to stop. It's like "Hair Night" only smaller. I love you my sister girls!!!!

Last Saturday...we went to a gathering of a few friends to celebrate Kurt's 40th birthday. The theme was 80's and we all decided to dress like the 80's. Back in the mid-80's the look was pretty much preppy or punk. My Sandy went as the preppy he was and I decided I would be a punk spiked hair and Pink Floyd shirt. We had a great time and it was fun to look back and laugh at the styles and language of the 80's. It was a totally rad party and we all looked marvelous!!!

Check out my green hair... Doesn't that look like grass?

The Punk Rocker

The Preppy

Isn't it great to have friends and act silly?