September 26, 2008


Last Saturday night we went to see Casting Crowns at the world famous Dalton Trade Center. I know, I, too, was amazed that we could get tickets to this most famous place...but we did.

We had a total of 27 (I think that is right) from EMC attend the concert. Several from the youth, the 30's & 40's...and a couple of those rocking 50's. It was great fun. Several of us met early for dinner at Chili' was great but they are soooooo slow. Then we headed over and got in the big long line. The doors were to open at 6:00 with the show starting at 7:00. We were in line by about 5:15 and it was already long. Thankfully, they decided to open the doors a little early and we were able to go in around 5:45. We had general admission tickets so we all rushed to the front to get seats. We ended up in about the 12th & 13th rows I think. We had really great seats. The ushers did get onto us several times about saving seats....but in the end we all ended up together on these two rows. (We only made about 6 people feel so guilty for sitting in our row and taking up our seats that they moved.... 6 out of 3000 to 4000 people is not bad is it???) Oh well, we just like to be together don't we guys?

The warm-up band was a group called Four Days Late ( we had several ideas about what this name meant and some were not good....haha). They are friends of Eric & Angie's from college. They were great! And they are a true rock band.....LOUD!!!! But we really liked them a lot. We are hopeful that since J103 sponsored the concert that they will start playing some of their music. Request them if you think of it.

Then after a break it was time for Casting Crowns. What can I say except they were awesome and we love their music. They put on a great show. Everyone had to stand up and sing along. It was so good to see so many people of all ages supporting Christian music.

We all had a great time. It was good to see great show and hang out with our friends. Below are some of the pictures from our evening out.

The long line

Lacey nursing Laura who got stung by a bee

Waiting for the show

Sarah & Keith

Keith & Tamara

Marisa & Jon

Marilyn & Kurt

Jennifer & Wade

Four Days Late

They were sooooo loud!!!

He was jammin'

Watching the show

Casting Crowns

Praising God

She was good!!!

Love the words in the background

They Rock!!!

We had a rockin' good time and were home by 10:00. Don't you just love small town America?