December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
May Christ be real to you this Christmas season and always.

Love, Tammy & Sandy

December 3, 2009

Nipper's with Jesus

On Nov. 25th our beloved Nipper went home to be with Jesus.

He fought a hard battle with kidney failure but in the end we saw that he could not win. He showed Sandy and I in his own way that he was ready to go home to be with Jesus. Out of our love for him we allowed him to go home with our blessing and many tears.

Nipper went home peacefully surrounded by his momma and his daddy and his beloved vet Dr. Moore. He just closed his eyes and woke up in heaven. He is no longer hurting, nor sick, nor is he hungry. He has been perfectly restored to wholeness and happiness. He will never hurt in any way ever again.

Nipper was buried by my family under his favorite tree in our back yard. His body is protected in a small little casket with it's own vault. He is forever safe and resting in a wonderful sun spot. His spirit, however, is with Jesus and he will be playing ball and chasing squirrels until we make it home to meet him.

We dearly miss our boy. He was the joy of our home for 12 years and the loss we are feeling cannot be put into words. We see and miss his presence in every room of our home. His loss for us is like the loss of a child....because he filled that roll for us for many years.

Please keep us in your prayers as we grieve and process this loss. We know that God was greatly merciful to us and saved Nipper's life many times over during the years. We believe that this was Nipper's time to go home and we are not hurt or angry at God in any way. God even worked out the timing of his home going and for that we are truly thankful. But the pain we are feeling is very great.

Please pray for us and all those who have suffered losses this holiday season. It is a sad time to lose anyone that you love.

Thank you for all your prayers for Nipper and for us as he was fighting his battle. We can never express to you how much it meant to our hearts.

Blessings to all,


p.s. Nipper.....momma and daddy miss you with all our hearts. You fought like the warrior that you always were. Jesus just needed you to come home and play in heaven for awhile. Keith said he got a vision of you sitting in the lap of Jesus getting a good petting. You deserve that because you were our good boy who loved us with everything in you. We miss your wagging tail and having you sleep and lay on us all the time. We miss our snuggle time, puppy kisses, and your big boy bark. I miss our swing time, mailbox walk, and watching you play ball and tug with daddy. We also miss those pretty sparkling brown eyes. We miss all of it my little man dog.... but most of all we just miss the feeling of completeness that you brought to our lives.

We will always think of you at 10:00 snack time.

We are glad you are well!!! Perfectly whole never to hurt or take another pill again : ) Have fun little hard, run, bark.....and catch those squirrels. AND EAT ALL YOU WANT.....

We will see you again someday. Look for us at the gate.

Love always,

Momma & Daddy